UK Column News - 21st May 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Those nasty Russians…’Russian corruption in the UK’
Conservatives still refuse to pay back Russian financial payments to the party…
04:18 – Boris in France speaking on chemical weapons: OPCW not credible…?
05:48 – BBC boasts that 13.1 million watched the weekend pantomime
British public pays for the hollywood wealthy to wine and dine
Celebrities are now royalty…what royalty are these…?
Millions of pounds of public money for a wedding but nothing for the homeless
10:07 – Peter Hitchens: We need proper constables not these swaggering gunmen
Police training has changed – many now being trained in Israel
Disturbing recent police arrest caught on video...’suspect’ tasered…
17:39 – Public to pay for Markle feminism campaign
Feminist ‘equality’ hits South Korea in English...orchestrated event…?
BBC: Gender inequality – stars tell world leaders poverty is sexist
BBC helping feminism by providing bank accounts…
What is ‘One’…? Board of directors: Bono, Cameron, Lawrence Summers etc…
BBC promoting obscene wealth ‘royalty celebrities’ and George Soros
Caterpillar Foundation: immense wealth & communitarianism
25:52 – Do you know Alice…? 51 million US households in poverty
300,000 more people in UK now in poverty in the last year…
29:18 – More UK government hypocrisy: international law ignored again
31:54 – Jailed British-Iranian: worked for BBC Media Action
BBC Media Action foments war in to teach ‘truth’ in schools
UK Column article: BBC Media Action – subversion from broadcasting house…
BBC Marshall Plan of the mind
39:14 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
39:34 – Internet safety: giant corporations will protect us all…
42:29 – Tory MPs ‘preparing for another snap election’ amid Brexit splits