UK Column News - 21st June 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Vanessa Beeley with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Iran shoots down US drone: President Trump responds
New York Times: Trump approves strikes on Iran then pulls back
Confusion…indecisiveness…or something else…?
Are Trump’s channels of communication corrupted…?
06:35 – Syria’s Idlib: more schools and hospitals attacked…?
Syria’s UN Security Council envoy: terrorist attacks from Idlib continue
Damascus Ministry of Health shows UN claims are sensationalist
UK has provided £80 million of humanitarian ‘assistance’ to the same region…
UK ‘aid’ has to come throught controllers of Idlib – Al Quada, Al Nusra etc.
Turkey is enabling terrorist groups to operate in Idlib
16:11 – Saudi Arabia: UK court decides arms sales are unlawful
Western arms manufacturers are benefitting enormously from this war…
21 Wire article: UK military industrial cartel & Tory government profit from murder in Yemen
Censorship: Facebook immediately bans article on ‘nudity and sexual activity’ grounds…
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22:08 – European Council meeting: who will be the next generation of EU ‘leaders’…?
Prime Minister of Luxembourg: UK must accept the deal or there will be further delay
25:53 – Daily Express: the dangerous European Army idea marches on in Brussels
27:41 – The Royal Navy now has a ghost ship – does the First Sea Lord know…?
Can the Royal Navy protect the British nuclear submarine fleet…? 
Fraud: seventh Astute-class sub now £1.35 billion over budget and 57 months late
34:17 – 5G Awareness talks coming up in London, Bristol and Exeter
34:40 – Tory MP Mark Field removes climate protestor from City of London event
Field has been suspended pending investigation – who is funding these protestors…?
Britain 2019: the Law is now unknowable and random
41:08 – Daily Mail: Pupil, 17 thrown out of class for stating there are only 2 genders
Video: pupil speaks to teacher and asks why…is truth set by policy or science…?
School policy is controlling pupil’s minds instead of giving them freedom to debate