UK Column News - 21st June 2016

START    exploitation of dead MP in the #EUReferendumPsyOp
2:24        Memorial donations to be used to fund White Helmets
6:43        soft power agenda to establish a shadow state in Syria
8:05        RUSI issues report that promotes lone wolf terrorism
11:36      volunteers weaponised to effect UK destabalisation
13:55      PM attempts to link Brexiteers to the death of MP
16:39      nefarious figures of the #EUReferendumPsyOp
20:47      special International Migration representative
24:01      Soros threatens British with a fall in £ value
28:23      a Libyan Government of National Accord
29:58      psychopathic state narratives & schemes
34:22      the vectors of transnational subterfuge
42:17      excessive American Nuclear policies