UK Column News - 21st July 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson, including: START Witches of Eastwick : Merkel with Sturgeon & May 06:21 Prevarications over Article 50 as politicians scramble 08:15 The United Kingdom is the capital of EU terror events 10:53 Astute class submarine surfaces into a merchant vessel 13:12 Reminiscent of a sub run aground near the Isle of Skye 13:37 Anglo-French exercise leads to Nuke-sub Arctic collision 18:14 Chaos in the Royal Navy : Satanism approved for worship 19:58 Destroyers not fit for purpose - waters of the Gulf ‘too warm’ 21:49 Aggressive parties pose as UN peacekeepers regarding Yemen 25:15 HSBC executive arrested & then released in yet another scam 26:47 Nigel Farage embarks on a world tour : Instigating Referendums? 29:14 Dubious investigative firm Exaro closes, staff said to be ‘devastated’ 31:21 Revolting art designs a transhumanist gremlin to survive car-crashes 32:15 Mark Thatcher protected by very powerful interests over Mid-East files 33:23 Corporate Courts & TTIP : ‘the Highest Trade Priority’ for the UK… 37:12 Melanie Shaw imprisoned & placed in Solitary to protect abuse rings