UK Column News - 21st January 2019

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Brexit bungler: Treason May’s Plan B…
3:48 – UK Column article: Military Union – British Government Policy since 1948
The world is entering a new period since World War 2 and the cold war
Lord Atlee: 1989 was the last time an army division could be deployed
Reduced conventional capability means the nuclear tripwire is set much lower
Cold war 2.0 – nuclear weapons – who will set the tripwire…?
UK cabinet office heading towards military union with the EU
Russia is still the excuse but will the threat come from the west…?
Who’s flag is it anyway…? The power of imagery…
23:07 – France yellow vests: no mention in MSM of deaths and injuries to protestors
Is this an EU Police force in France not a French Police force…?
Police in France have shot 77 protesting people in the head…
Britain next to be policed by the EU…?
27:10 – Italy vs France: not a football or rugby match…
No dialogue in MainStream Media about causes of the migrant crises
Francophone: CFA Franc currency – stability for whom…?
CFA Franc finances French public debt just as the Federal Reserve does in the USA
Italian Deputy Prime Minister: separate speculative banks from commercial banks
The return of the Glass Steagall act…?
35:07 – Greece: Protestors out on the streets in Athens over Macedonia name deal
This may just be the straw that has broken the Greek camel’s back…
NATO expansion also a deep concern
Greece: the cradle of democracy has been smashed…
40:44 – Syria: Israel attacks Damascus again – warns not to retaliate
Israel says targets were ‘Iranian’
43:01 – American-Iranian Press TV journalist arrested in the USA
Journalist detained as a ‘material witness’ - FBI refusing to comment
47:05 – Fake News: Daily Mail on Gavin Williamson’s toilet paper…
Russiagate: the Buzzfeed bust – Buzzfeed forced to double-down on the lie