UK Column News - 21st February 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – Syria: Russian warplanes repel attack on Syrian army in Idlib
Moscow: militants launched offensive aided by Turkish artillery…
Mark Lowcock (UN): 900,000 people are being displaced in NW Syria
UK Ambassador to the UN Karen Pierce: Russia, Russia, Russia…
German Ambassador to UN: we have a responsibility to stop what is happening
Russian Ambassador to UN: the west should stop supporting terrorists
Colonel Myles Caggins: Idlib province seems to be a magnet for terrorist groups
MainStream Media coverage is all one-sided: children, hospitals attacked…
No reporting in MSM of the other side of the conflict: humanitarian corridors etc.
10:54 – Middle East Eye: British government’s covert propaganda campaign in Syria
Propaganda campaign being run by UK, US, Canada and Turkey
Propaganda campaign goes back further and includes BBC Media Action…
There is a big difference between real journalists and Foreign Office policy activists
18:51 – MH17: Awaiting Trial public meeting – 3 March, Conway Hall, London WC1
21:16 – UK, Georgia exposes ‘probable’ cyber attack on Georgia ‘by Russian GRU’
The news rhetoric surrounding this claim is very similar to the Novichok incident…
24:11 – USA: Democrat Pocahontas claims Russia is interfering to help re-elect Trump
No specific details are given – it’s just a feeling, facts are not needed
21 Wire article: show trial ends – Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison
Roger Stone should not spend a single day in custody as no crime was committed
This is all happening to allow continuation of the Russiagate hoax against Trump
Daily Beast fake news: Trump offered Assange pardon if he covered up Russian hack
21 Wire article: what’s really behind Rohrabacher’s ‘Assange pardon’ story…?
The story is being spun to continue the demonisation of US President Trump
Story also being spun to discredit and undermine credibility of Assange and Wikileaks
John McDonnell sparks Jewish fury by calling Assange the ‘Dreyfus case of our age’
John McDonnell actually has a point but he stepped on the anti-semitism trapdoor…
37:00 – EU to organise new budget after Brexit: we need the Brits!
EU budget: many cuts coming but Common Defence budget to rise by 635%…
EU budget: Climate Protection Fund - €260 billion but no audited accounts available
41:55 – OFGEM policy to remove gas boilers will also include wood burning stoves
From 1970 to 2017, UK air pollutants have declined from 600,000 tonnes to 180,000
Wood burning stoves cannot be connected to a ‘smart’ meter…
Government claims 30,000 people affected every year but evidence is very marginal