UK Column News - 21st December 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Vanessa Beeley with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – US President Trump: historic victories against ISIS
US to bring troops home from Syria - US defence chief Mattis quits
Russian Ambassador: we will respond when it happens
Kurds are caught in the middle: Turkish reprisals against them to come…?
President Trump seems genuine but many allies will not be happy
11:40 – The white helmets: more questions now coming from Jordan
Russia speaks to UNSC about white helmets involvement in organ trafficking
Many lightly injured Syrians taken for treatment – returned dead minus organs
James le Mesurier, Founder of the white helmets was operating in Kosovo in 1995…
UK Column FOIA requests still being ignored and obfuscated by the Foreign Office
22:20 – CFR Foreign Affairs magazine: who will run the World…?
UK Column article: Towards a Model of the Deep State by David Scott
26:34 – Islington Council bans famous jazz musician accused of antisemitism…
Gilad Atzmon: I’m a musician and writer and I’m Jewish – no criticism is allowed
Banning Gilad Atzmon from performing was an unlawful act – it was a music event
Atzmon takes legal advice – Council hires one of Britain’s most expensive legal firms
How does a Council which claims it is bankrupt afford the legal fees…?
One email complaint is now enough to ban someone…?
Free speech, academics and scientists are all being attacked and censored
41:03 – Scotland: John Smith case – Common Law Courts
43:38 – House of Lords asks questions about Constitution, treason and Common Law
44:18 – Melanie Shaw protest takes place outside Westminster
Melanie Shaw: imprisoned for trying to expose establishment child abuse
David Noakes: imprisoned for trying to help people with cancer
Sabine McNeill: imprisoned for trying to expose establishment child abuse
Corrupt court system does not protect: people become merchandise
47:23 – Integrity Initiative & Institute for Statecraft: analysis by The Canary
Chris Williamson MP is asking questions and pushing this matter
This organisation is happy accepting public funding but won’t allow public scrutiny
More and more deep state organisations and actors being exposed
52:06 – BBC: How Putin’s Russia turned humour into a weapon…
More MainStream Media nonsense – Ben Nimmo: a prime fake news operator
Nimmo claims that OFCOM are independent…
BBC Monitoring’s Olga Robinson: I specialise in disinformation techniques…
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