UK Column News - 20th September 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: UK’s defence post Brexit must be controlled by UK government
Boris still failing to tell the public about EU military union…
Treason May’s withdrawal treaty gave away control of UK intel and armed forces
MEP James Wells warns Westminster MPs of May’s ‘deal’
Nigel Farage: still silent on EU military union
UK Column article: Stop Talking About An EU Army, Nigel
D – Notice: is the UK press under orders to keep this information hidden…?
A criminal conspiracy: political blackmail and bullying controls the UK parliament
The EU Empire: a new world order – nation states will be a thing of the past
Supreme Court hearing yesterday: Scotland’s Lord Advocate lost for words
Parliament: not needed as much as MPs think…
Mystery king of Britain: Mark Sedwill
18:33 – Ian R. Crane’s 5G tour continues Monday 23 September in Leicester
19:14 – Scotland’s Named Person scheme axed by Scottish government
Consistent pressure from a small group of the public has brought this about
The Supreme Court has backed the public: the BBC still gets it wrong
BBC also omits important details from Supreme Court findings…
The most important word: consent – a decades-worth of harm now has to be undone
29:02 – Disinformation: ten ways the EU is fighting disinfo
Fact checkers: who’s checking the checkers…?
ITV News launches news channel aimed at 14-17 year olds: propaganda starts young
32:15 – Relationship and sex education teaching: public dispute spreads across UK
Protests started in Birmingham with Muslim parents – now includes all communities
BBC lie: it’s a Muslim protest
Dame Louise Casey adds her own spin to the BBC article…
They want the minds of the children and the BBC is complicit
UK’s first permanent LGBT rainbow road crossing unveiled in London
Minorities are now being used and abused for a political agenda
39:52 – OSCE: UK delegation first secretary Helen Teasdale delivers statement 
The statement doesn’t tally up with actual events in any way…
42:12 – Climate agenda: children being increasingly used for propaganda
Policy Exchange report: Extremism Rebellion – ‘these people want revolution’
Department of Education not clear on their policies
Left-wing extremism seems to have no limits…
Justin Trudeau: third ‘blackface’ incident comes to light