UK Column News - 20th November 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – The alleged election 2019…
ITV election debate: Johnson v. Corbyn
Awkward questions arise on the Royal family after Prince Andrew interview fiasco
Pronouncing Epstein’s name wrong causes more problems for Corbyn – ‘anti-semite’
The UK is being attacked from within…
Nigel Farage wants abolition of HoL, PR, scrap postal voting & written constitution
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Intimidation in public life: Jo Cox Foundation gets involved with a public body
Unelected Jo Cox Foundation now telling candidates what to say and what to do…
A common (purpose) approach to the UK’s future political system…?
What are the real interests of the Jo Cox trustees…?
Jo Cox Foundation Chair Mabel Van Oranje: connected to the Dutch royal family
Mabel Van Oranje: co-founder of European Council on Foreign Relations
She also has direct connections to Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the ICC
UK Column One World Governance series of articles will help connect the dots
European Council on Foreign Relations: who is Alexander Stubb…?
ECFR also lists George Soros, his son, Brendan Cox (Jo’s husband) & Rory Stewart
Farage still not discussing our future relationship with the EU or EU military union
26:27 – UK Column meeting tonight in Plympton at 19:30
26:50 – NATO Foreign Ministers meeting today in Brussels
Our man Dominic Raab also meeting with the E3 – UK, France and Germany
E3 are gradually expanding their original remit…
European Intervention force (EI2) still continuing
UK Column article: EU Defence Union – what is EI2…?
NATO rhetoric escalating against Russia in the Black Sea region
33:55 – UK: Crowd Resilience – more surveillance ahead
A dictatorship is coming fast to the UK – communism ahead…?
35:50 – Mick Wallace MEP takes on Federica Mogherini on the situation in Bolivia