UK Column News - 20th May 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Julian Assange: Swedish prosecutors ask to detain him over rape investigation
Assange is already detained in Belmarsh – he could be interviewed there…
Ecuador to give Julian Assange documents, possessions left behind in embassy to US
08:45 – GcMAF: David Noakes & Lyn Thyer still under threat of extradition to France
10:31 – Iran: the sabre rattling continues…
US Iran Intelligence Threat Briefing: shades of Iraq…?
Tulsi Gabbard speaks out: we need cooperation not conflict
Rand Paul: administration do not have Congressional permission to go to war with Iran
Truthdig: John Bolton’s nefarious plot for war with Iran (with Israeli backing…)
20:20 – Ukraine: Vladimir Zelensky sworn in as President of Ukraine
21:32 – Brexit: fourth vote on Treason May’s ‘new’ agreement deal coming up…
Gordon Brown exclusive: political parties influence elections
Brexit Party’s Twitter followers raise questions for researchers: it’s the Russians…
Brexit will be blamed on the Russians – the narrative is already being created
27:28 – Africa: the Sahel region still being eyed-up by the EU
Jeremy Hunt in Ghana: more security needed…we have the answer
30:55 – UK Parliament finally starting to talk about EU Defence Union…?
UK Column article: European Defence Union – Parliamentary Written Questions
31:44 – Syria: UK Ambassador to UN Karen Pierce attacks Russia and Assad again
Total hypocrisy from Pierce not mentioning Mosul or Raqqa…
Chemical weapons: OPCW leak – previous report not signed off but published anyway
There is clearly a cover-up of key information by the OPCW – the ‘magic cylinders’
The evidence points to a staged attack – how many other attacks have been staged…?
21 Wire article: Roger Waters, Susan Sarandon & Pamela Anderson ask questions
The immediate troll attack starts: who is CNN ‘expert’ Janine di Giovanni…?
MainStream Media coverage: only Peter Hitchen’s blog covers the OPCW leak…
MSM will not cover this information – this is how propaganda works