UK Column News - 20th June 2016

START    Eurocrats spend National tax income with lavish abandon
4:50        Baroness Warsi bails out of Brexit team due to ‘xenophobia’
8:10        limitless legislative quagmires in wait for subversion of Brexit
14:30      Royal Institute of International Affairs pushes economic lies
16:50      Kenneth Clarke weighs into the #EUReferendumPsyOp…
18:40      sympathetic propaganda touts MPs as a victimised minority
22:00      wretched Media edits out inconvenient facts around killing
26:20      British Broadcasting deceptions are Establishment designs
35:40      Putin denounces NATO Missile Defence System intrigue
38:30      Visium hedge fund implodes with exposure of vast fraud
40:10      the Goddard inquiry is designed to shelter abuse system