UK Column News - 20th July 2018

Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Using children for intelligence gathering in the UK
House of Lords surprised that children were being used for this
Whenever children are involved...nobody knows
Who gives consent…? Children under 18 cannot give consent…
#NO2NP: UK’s top judge slaps down SNP on state snoopers
Scottish government: Corporate Parenting – the future…?
16:39 – Fresh Start Foundation event: 21 July, Arbroath
17:28 – Donald Trump’s Scotland visit update
Trump has invited President Putin to the White House
More hysteria from the usual suspects…TDS
20:25 – Israel: mass protest against the IDF military draft
Orthodox Jewish families stand up against military service
Israeli state: Jews first class, Arabs second class
30:15 – OPCW: samples collected from Amesbury incident
Russia very unhappy that OPCW has been given ability to attribute blame
Attributive functions in the OPCW a direct encroachment on UNSC prerogative
How safe is sequence of ownership of the evidence after such a long time…?
OPCW not involved in collecting samples – have to take UK’s word for it
The chain of evidence has not been maintained…
34:38 – Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement – the right brand of fudge
36:36 – Drones: autonomous use couched as humanitarian aid & disaster relief
Drones will not just be delivering pizza…
40:56 – Scotland: Orange Order should have no greater right than others to march
Orange Order has strong Masonic connections
University Chaplain sacked after holding service of reparation for Gay Pride
The message: you must only think the way the Scottish government thinks