UK Column News - 20th January 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – Busy Boris: starting with the Libya conference
Boris on Libya: time for a UN-led peace process…
The West created death and destruction in Libya and will now rebuild it…?
Common Purpose are heavily involved in rebuilding the Libyan public sector
Davos starts tomorrow: How to Save the Planet
Davos keynote speakers: Greta Thunberg, Greenpeace, Al Gore, Mark Carnage etc.
UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020: Boris delivers keynote speech
Is Africa demanding ‘sustainable development’ or is it being imposed on them…?
Africa is now an area of great interest for the West – a new dash for Africa…?
Boris busy again: should Parliament move from London…?
Reform of Houses of Parliament and House of Lords coming…?
Are politicians aiming to change the UK’s system of Government completely…?
20:30 – Laurence Fox: A Grief Observed comes true during BBC Question Time
The audience reaction says a lot…
Laurence Fox interview – I won’t dance to their politically correct tune
Fox fights back with compassion, humour, standing his ground & not apologising
Spiked interview with Fox: wokeness is elitism masquerading as compassion
33:22 – BBC struggling to maintain their narrative…?
Foreign & Commonwealth Office spends £7 million per month with the BBC…
BBC ‘laundered’ payments during 60s and 70s from British government to Reuters
BBC Media Action: almost entirely funded by the British government…?
BBC gravy train: Sarah Montague (Radio 4) accepts £400,000 settlement
Hypocritical Montague fails to tackle the problem constructively
43:29 – US articles of impeachment signing: a close-up of the ‘special’ pens used
Laurence Fox lyric: for the wrong to rule, the good must just stand idly by