UK Column News - 20th February 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Mark Anderson for today's UK Column News.

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START – Jeremy Hunt: we are all part of something greater than ourselves
Hunt: we will seek to bind the democracies of the world together…
The European defence troika: Britain, France and Germany
The Brexit ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’ smokescreen = Britain and the EU together
Home Secretary Sajid Javid visits Police centres preparing for EU exit
Brexit without the exit…
Three Conservative MPs leave the party: ‘entryism’ & ‘purple momentum’ nu-speak
Sarah Wollaston’s letter: threats, blackmail and intimidation of the public
Any further problems for Britain will be blamed on Brexit…
All opposition is ‘hard left’ or hard right’ if your party is losing support…
Ex-MP Joan Ryan: Labour leadership allowed ‘Jews to be abused with impunity’
Ryan’s bias: she is a member of Labour friends of Israel
Tony Blair behind new ‘centrist’ party for Labour and Conservative leavers 
19:15 – Vanessa Beeley interviewed by Afshin Rattansi on Going Underground
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21:57 – The Chicago Climate Charter: taking control away from national governments
Global Cities movement and Global Parliament of Mayors attempting a coup…?
26:03 – New code of conduct for AI systems used by the NHS…Healthtech
Profit now far more important than a public healthcare service
AI program at Imperial College could improve survival rate of ovarian cancer…?
Who are the people behind the AI project…?
30:20 – Sheffield Hallam University: what is the Centric research agenda:
An intelligence hub…? The Centric Board: who are these people…?
33:55 – Disinformation: if it’s unacceptable offline the it’s unacceptable online
Particular news organisations to be blacklisted just like terrorist organisations…?
Guardian: fitness tracking app gives away location of secret US army bases
The twist: Russia accused of secret participation in foreign conflicts via app data
Guardian Moscow correspondent Andrew Roth: can we believe anything he writes…?
MSM to be protected by government, alternative free speech news to be silenced
42:31 – Chicago Climate Charter: Rockefeller Foundation, Rahm Emanuel’s plan:
To merge interests of universities, hospitals, insurance companies, sports teams…
Climate change is the central theme – 100 ‘resilient cities’ the goal
Global governance will be the end result – democracy is to be eradicated…
21 Wire article: Globalist think tanks called on to further unite
Think tanks became holding pens for future appointees to Presidential administrations
Think tanks used to strategically change orientation of government & privatise them
The huge danger: think tanks have no differing views – they are using groupthink
This is the formation of a global control cartel…