UK Column News - 1st September 2016

Today's UK Column News with Mike Robinson & Mark Anderson, including: START Tim Cook & the EU Tax Bill that is ‘Total political [trash]’ 04:28 A vast Transnational drive for a Global Taxation Regimen 07:47 ISDS & the Comprehensive Raft of Anti-human Trade-deals 09:36 ‘Out of Chaos came order…’ & the Federal Reserve System 11:24 Mayists hold a Faux-Brexit Cabinet Meeting : Lies & Liars… 14:39 ‘There is psychology involved here – a kind of Behaviourism.’ 16:53 A “completely new socio-economic Governance structure…” 19:27 ‘Elections can be stolen and have been stolen throughout the US’ 21:34 The ‘Gatekeepers of Election Night’ & Electronic Voting Fraud 25:28 Shipping Difficulties as Chinese Ships Brought to a Dead Halt 29:43 Extremist Financial Policies from Central Banks and the ECB 32:17 - THE BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS - 34:24 Parallel Shadow Governance : A Privatised Monetary System 35:12 Interest Rates|Hadorn, Prices Overtaking Income, & Issuance