UK Column News - 1st September 2015

What has Queen Elizabeth ever done for her people?, Corbyn calls for Queens powers to be weakened, Will Corbyn remove the Labour whip?, UKIP goes alone on EU referendum, Electoral Commission or Westminster nudging public with dirty in out questions?, After £1bn EU propaganda more spin with Cameron summoned to explain EU reforms, Cameron tells political lies over UK EU rule opt-out, Henry Jackson Society massive media push for British troops in Eastern Europe, Henry Jackson Society uses pro EU & eastern block report to nudge British defence policy towards EU needs, Strange links of Henry Jackson Society Westminster Israel EU and UKIP, Meet James Rogers and Andra-Lucia Martinescu the voice of Henry Jackson Society, Hypocrite Yvette Cooper demands UK takes refugees from legacy of Blair's unlawful wars, US sanctions China over cyber-attacks, Strategic hands beyond politics manipulate oil price surges