UK Column News - 1st November 2019

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report – the truth…?
UK Column article: Grenfell Tower and the Search for Truth
Why was the cladding classified as the best at resisting the spread of fire…?
UK Column article: Grenfell – Why the Fire Regulations Failed
Systemic problems are at the root of this tragedy
13:20 – Anti-semitism: Jewish Labour Movement won’t campaign for party’s MPs
Operation #CancelCorbyn strikes again
John Mann (anti-semitism tsar): racism always includes anti-semitism
Is this a fifth-column movement within the Labour party…?
Many Blairites are still deeply embedded in the Labour party
Labour has adopted identity politics and now finds it turned against them…
Brexit Party launches election campaign today
Brexit Party to concentrate on safe Labour seats
Boris and Nigel Farage will still not address EU Defence Union…
Lord James silenced on EU Defence Union
The general public must continue to ask questions & speak out on this critical issue
Why is this very important matter being continuously avoided…?
26:40 – Climate Agenda 2030 Green New Deal and Citizen’s Assemblies conference
27:40 – USA: arctic chill blasts east, bringing early dose of winter and record cold
Details of the record cold front (temperatures in Fahrenheit)
Solar Minimum: The Old Farmer’s Almanac – a good article on sunspots
Colder winters ahead…
Alternative View 10.1 presentations now available on Alternative View website
31:52 – Scotland: Shaun Ritchie – still missing five years on
Family and friends believe he was murdered
Shaun Ritchie’s mother faced eight charges of wasting Police time
Mother is adamant she didn’t send any malicious text messages
Evidence against her has never been seen in court and tested
Press & Journal received leaked details from office of the Procurator Fiscal…
Other family members now have criminal records since Shaun’s disappearance
38:58 – Dame Francis Cairncross: a sustainable future for journalism
The huge disconnect: no recognition of the poor content in MainStream Media
The fourth estate: a collapsing pillar of democracy…?