UK Column News - 1st May 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
Boris gives CV livestream: second CV spike would do longterm economic damage
EuroMomo: England has the worst CoronaVirus death rate in Europe…?
Attribution of deaths given as CoronaVirus even when it was not the cause
USA: deaths seem to be rising again – CV routinely listed as cause of death there too
CoronaVirus tests also list as positive result even if CV identifiers are not present
‘Unprecedented’ number of ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders for learning disabilities patients
This is eugenics by the back door…what’s driving up COVID-19 deaths…?
New York study: most COVID-19 patients placed on ventilators died
Why are figures so much worse in UK and USA…is something else going on…?
A look at non-lockdown deaths versus lockdown deaths
Non-lockdown Sweden is getting it right: herd-immunity works…
21 Wire article: why Sweden has already won the debate on COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ policy
InProportion Project: COVID-19 in proportion…? 1999 season was worse than now
UK levels of suicide have gone through the roof
How much longer will public compliance with the lockdown continue…?
Elon Musk: US lockdown measures are ‘fascist’ - calls to restore constitutional rights
36:50 – Alternative View 11 livestream available on UK Column website
MainStream Media being pushed in various quarters as ‘reliable, trusted’ source
Government partners with newspaper industry on COVID-19 ad campaign
UNESCO pushes out video to persuade parents to guide children how to spot fake news
Newspaper sales have tanked: public not buying the propaganda any longer
41:48 – Dr Knut Wittkowski: we don’t need a vaccine to get out of it – sorry Bill Gates
Dr Wittkowski: it’s a failure of the people to take control of the government…
Dr Wittkowski: spending more time outdoors is a form of containment
How are governments being ‘guided by the science’ if they ignore scientists…?
Bill Gates interview: I call this pandemic 1 – we need to be ready for pandemic 2…
Gates’ foreshadowing the future: we need to minimise the threat of bioterrorism…
Who elected Bill Gates to be the head of public health policy for the world…?