UK Column News - 1st May 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks over bail breach
Imperialism on Trial event: 1 May, London
3:42 – Jeremy Corbyn: Parliament must declare an environment and climate emergency
Piers Corbyn (Jeremy’s brother) there is no climate emergency, it is orchestrated hysteria
6:09 – Brexit: Best for Britain ‘most constituencies would now back remain’
The propaganda: the ‘swing to remain’ fake news
7:56 – Theresa May has been brainwashed into a state of monomania
Report author Dorothy Bishop: to me, she looks like a victim of mind control…
Bishop cleverly weaves her dialogue to suggest another Brexit vote is the only way
Who exactly controls Theresa May…?
Express: MPs take mindfulness course to tackle depression in Parliament
250 Parliamentary staff have also attended mindfulness courses…
Mindfulness: applied psychology combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Why are there no risk assessments for mindfulness, NLP & other forms of psychology…?
Have MPs been reframed to ignore the chaos and crisis in UK and think all is well…?
UK Column articles: Behavioural Change in a Common Purpose
British Cabinet Office Collaborates with French Brainwashing Guru to Change Way We Think
From Magic to Madness – the Government’s NLP Assault On Our Minds
The NHS Common Purpose: Towards a Million Change Agents
Professional Story Telling Coach Peter Botting is also training MPs…
When politicians speak, are their words really their own…?
Cabinet Office Mindspace document refresher
24:17 – Robert Green’s funeral and memorial
BBC: Children’s services ‘at breaking point’, MPs say
25:43 – G is for Google: Google stocks slump dramatically
Google has been undertaking far more control over YouTube and free speech…
26:58 – Uri Geller is using ‘telepathic mind control’ on Theresa May to stop Brexit
Geller demands an end to Brexit - ‘I appeal to you to stop the process immediately’
29:58 – Oxford Research Group: improving the UK offer in Africa
UK Foreign Aid money being squandered in Africa…?
EU military and NATO to be used to stir up Africa next…?
34:57 – Government wants to improve Internet Of Things – why now…?
Five Eyes must lead the way on 5G
Public should be concerned with the availablility of their data to unknown actors
41:53 – US National Security Advisor John Bolton on the warpath
Some very worrying statements from Bolton…