UK Column News - 1st March 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Defence: what does Treason May mean by ‘security’…?
First ever UK-German defence ministerial council held yesterday
The troika of UK, Germany and France to take over EU defence
RAF Coningsby to be twinned with German Laage airbase
Military ‘twinning’ an extension of town & city twinnings started decades ago
Head of EU intelligence Francois Fischer: Britain will not leave…
MPs have not done their job…they have not challenged EU military union in any way
EU officials know what is going on – British MPs are in a conspiracy to hide it
European Fourth Reich being quietly built…
British defence cuts: huge amounts of MoD property and land earmarked for disposal
Public told to fear our enemies while Britain’s defence is being dismantled
British government busy merging defence, security, the MoD and Policing
19:25 – UK Column article – Brexit: The Constitutional Position
The paper’s conclusions are essential to push out to MPs
22:48 – What do MPs really do…? A note from Johnny…
Why will MPs not tell the truth about Britain’s military being given away…?
27:33 – Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available from UK Column website
Vaccine talk tonight at the Lugger Hotel, Penzance – 19:30
28:24 – US seen likely to win in effort to shut down WTO’s appeals court
The old system is withering…
30:19 – petition to lift the suspension of Labour’s Chris Williamson
33:12 – UK Column article: Screen Time is Damaging Us
34:12 – Smacking ban in Scotland: parents to be criminalised…?
Scotland are the ‘lab rats’ of the UK – new ideas are trialled here first
Two UK Column articles: Curiouser and Curiouser & No Business of The State
41:38 – Scottish National Party will propose a Scottish currency
Buy physical Gold and Silver…
44:21 – Doctor MP: Social Services boss said her dementia-hit father ‘asked for it’
Many reports of abuse are now surfacing from care homes across the UK
Stephen Glover: Why do I find idea of the State taking ownership of organs sinister…?
Glover reminds readers of the Liverpool Care Pathway & Alder Hey hospital horrors
50:04 – The Westminster Cabal: Britain’s cowardly useless MPs
UK Column article: No TIME to Die