UK Column News - 1st June 2018

Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – US Army flows fresh tanks & troops into Europe
The west poking the Russian bear again…Operation Barbarossa 2.0
05:05 – Italy: what the populists are proposing
Plan to plant an ex-IMF banker in the Italian government has failed
07:44 – Liam Fox: US trade tariffs ‘not justified’
10:46 – Deutsche Bank downgraded…
DB facing charges in Australia for being part of a criminal cartel
Bank of England: reshuffle in the Court of Directors
Who is Dido Harding…?
15:33 – Justice: putting education at the heart of youth custody
Youth remedial care to be privatised…?
Liverpool justice: modernisation of court system to be pioneered there
A paperless justice system…more bogus paperwork…?
Unsigned government paperwork with no accountability
24:18 – Brexit: Northern Ireland to be in the UK and the EU…?
House of Commons has a completely different view to the people
31:51 – Tommy Robinson: arrested, tried and jailed in five hours
Thirteen month sentence handed down by a single jury
Child abuse is not just a problem within the Muslim community