UK Column News - 1st February 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Federica Mogherini: EU partnership with NATO is key
EU military unification is moving forward far more quickly than people realise
To get public support for military union, a problem needs to be created…
Since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, NATO has been a trojan horse in Europe
UK Column poll: 90% don’t want EU defence unification
Germany decides not to purchase Lockheed Martin’s F35
UK armed forces ‘face £7 billion equipment funding black hole’
Simultaneous breakdown of major European armed forces is deliberate EU policy
10:19 – The back door attack on the British Constitution and sovereignty continues…
May 2010: Nick Clegg pledges most radical constitutional changes for 200 years
Finally UKIP warns of treason
15:21 – Iran: ‘special vehicle’ created to get around US sanctions
The Dollar Problem: Britain, Germany and France attempt to circumnavigate it
The E3…? Bi-lateral treaties being quietly setup  
19:22 – France: use of plastic bullet launchers (LBDs) under review
European Parliament was calling for the banning of these weapons in 1982…
22:19 – Scotland: Common Law Court update
Do the people have the right to set up a court…?
26:33 – Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available from UK Column website
26:54 – 5G and Smart Meter meeting: Buckfastleigh, Devon – February 22, 19:30
27:20 – Organ donations: Deemed Consent Bill progressing to the Lords
Organ removal is not done under anesthesia
Death is always seen favourably by the state…study words very carefully
32:15 – Maggie Mellon: to get justice in Scotland, you must be rich or popular
The state can paint any picture they like about parental ‘abuse’
Secret courts sitting in child abuse cases – no jury, no public allowed
35:20 – Mum’s anger as court explains why child abuser walks free
The same language used when PIE tried to normalise paedophilia…
38:13 – Scottish council first in country to axe school music tuition
Scottish Budget (SNP/Green party) hands sweeping new tax powers to councils  
39:57 – Brexit (no exit): plan against ‘disinformation’ being coordinated
Soviet-style language giving the game away…?
‘Independent’ media is essential – the EU will control it…