UK Column News - 1st February 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson for today's news update, including:

START:    Theresa May hypocrisy over Trump's travel "ban"
03:10       But even greater hypocrisy from Tim Farron
06:25       The mainstream media started the war in Syria
10:00       Fighting resumes in eastern Ukraine
16:00       Policing and Crime Bill gains Royal Assent
22:40       Extreme fake news from the Daily Express: US to nuke Russia and China
27:00       More from BBC Reality Check
30:40       Corruption in France - million euro bung to family of Fillon
33:35       Bruges Group admits EU military union in interview with Sputnik
41:10       EU secret law making
43:00       Lord Blencathra, CIA and the Falklands
47:00       A huge thank you to everyone who supported Melanie Shaw