UK Column News - 1st December 2017

00:58 – Veterans for Britain: EU comes clean on UK-EU military objectives
02:01 – Lead EU negotiator Michel Barnier: details of speech and analysis
11:15 – UK MainStream Media coverage: no mention of defence again…
12:45 – Is there a D notice on this issue (a government ban on publication)…?
13:35 – MSM: also no mention of PESCO - UKC analysis with David Scott
15:48 – Brexit has flushed many of these secretive policies into the open...
16:29 – UK Column exposed EU military already within UK in April 2016
18:29 – Treasonous British MPs: hiding the truth from the British public
21:46 – How British politics really works…
26:14 – Grenfell Tower survivors may boycott enquiry: joint statement
28:22 – David Scott: refused access to structural engineers report on Grenfell
30:17 – Melanie Shaw: jailed child abuse whistleblower needs our help
30:50 – Police Scotland: using temporary contractors to save money…?
32:00 – Senior Police Scotland officer suspended: criminal allegations
33:29 – Police Scotland apologises for failure again…
36:48 – Scottish Named Person scheme: Named Person Fringe updates
39:57 – Scottish child abuse enquiry: latest news and analysis
45:45 – International Abolition of Slavery Day: December 2nd
49:42 – Monsieur Macron…Sacre Bleu