UK Column News - 1st April 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
CoronaVirus: Dr Bhakdi’s five questions & the misuse of statistics
BBC: why figures are an inexact science…
Imperial College CV modelling of 500,000 UK deaths was WRONG
London 999 call centres being overwhelmed…or not…?
Astute UK Column viewer sets standard for COVID-19 statistics
Public worldwide are beginning to ask serious questions on CV statistics
14:34 – Youngest ever head of MI5: meet Ken McCallum
British king Mark Sedwill consolidates power in cabinet office: meet Alex Chisholm
21:29 – Scotland abolishes juries…?
YouTube interview: Wilfred Wong with Shaun Attwood
Why juries are critical to freedom and justice
The long war on juries…a very dangerous precedent
The Scottish jury has been a feature of the legal system for more than 600 years
More police and special constables on the street – police are not following the law
Members of the public being confronted by police and hazmat-suited individuals
Housing association One Housing apologises: project fear continues
42:16 – UK CV: body recovery teams set up to deal with COVID-19 deaths at home
Wales: Llynfi Surgery suggests that vulnerable residents should not be resuscitated
Anyone admitted to hospital with respiratory problems automatically classified as CV
NHS whistleblowers are being targeted and threatened
The crown and its agents are failing to protect us by upholding the Coronation Oath