UK Column News - 1st April 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit parties take place on ‘leave’ day
New EU fleet announced, British warships to take part…?
Angela Merkel backs plans for EU aircraft carrier…
China’s Navy could have four aircraft carriers (and soon)
What aircraft will fly from our aircraft carriers…? Navy F-35 is far from ready
11:25 – Ukraine: elections take place over weekend – comedian wins first round
Poroshenko warns 21 April will see country move towards EU & NATO…or not
Total disenchantment amongst Ukrainian voters since 2014 Ukrainian ‘revolution’
20:42 – Jeremy Hunt comments in US press:
Britain…shaping the world for centuries...that won’t change with Brexit
Larry Johnson (VIPS): conspiracy against Trump originated with British Intelligence
27:01 – 21 Wire article – Disinfo Maginot Line: protecting EU from ‘Russian influence’
Hybrid ‘threats’ used against the public as propaganda
29:56 – 21 Wire: documentary film – THE VETO:
Exposing CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 and western media propaganda against Syria
32:24 – UK: Project Servator – The Fusion Doctrine in action
Police forces to be merged and militarised, just like in the EU…?
34:53 – Many Drones Make Light Work project: drone networks being implemented
36:08 – Brexit update: what is Tommy up to – Labour’s Tom Watson in the spotlight
Blairite policy waiting in the wings…?
Julian Smith MP: government inevitably has to accept closer relationship with EU
Brexit: no exit
Treason May to try a fourth ‘meaningful’ vote…?
40:43 – US National Review: Creepy Uncle Joe is done
Will this really kill his chances of a Presidential run in 2020…?
Major MainStream Media outlets have turned a blind eye to his behaviour
Obama awarded Biden the Medal Of Honour before leaving office…