UK Column News - 19th June 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – G20 meeting next week in Osaka, Japan
Putin-Trump meeting in limbo due to NYT ‘leak’ on US hacker attacks
US working to build International consensus on oil tanker incidents
Acting US Secretary of Defence Shanahan who made remarks now resigns…
An attack on the Russian power grid would be an act of war
US John Bolton admits to not telling President Trump what is going on
10:26 – May meets President Ghani of Afghanistan & President Duque of Colombia
Conservative MP Oliver Colvile: nuclear sub man – hedgehogs are his priority…
Rory Stewart (Tory leadership candidate) also more interested in hedgehogs
BBC: Hedgehog sign warns drivers of small wildlife hazards
Department of Transport: new road sign to improve road safety and protect animals
Meanwhile: smart motorway death due to lack of a hard shoulder
Highways England PLC (now a private business) fails to answer the telephone
22:42 – UK Column meeting – Twitter activism: a demonstration, 19 June
Alternative View 10 DVDs available to order on UKC and 21 Wire websites
23:19 – GcMAF court hearing update: judge throws John Smith out of court…
Lyn Thyer now being sought for arrest and extradition to France
Who appoints judges…? Who appoints the Judicial Appointments Panel…?
Court cases without juries present creates extremely dangerous times
26:21 – Israeli company hiSky to develop satellite communication solutions in UK
Agreement was made for Britain to join EU that we would give up our satellite tech
28:31 – Sir Simon Gass: now Permanent Chair of Joint Intelligence Committee 
King of Britain Mark Sedwill: I look forward to continuing to work with him…
Brexit: the Cabinet Office needs a complete clean out
31:56 – Brexit Party rallies behind Rory Stewart
Nigel Farage on LBC radio praises Stewart’s ‘terrific campaign’
One of Stewart’s biggest backers is remainer Kenneth Clarke…
The Guardian: Rory Stewart – calling my constituents yokels was foolish
World War three David Cameron-style: Florence of Arabia Vs Putin
Rory Stewart a Bilderberg attendee who claimed public money for the trip
Stewart also a member of European Council on Foreign Relations & MI6…?
37:37 – Facebook launches Libra: a global crypto currency under their control…