UK Column News - 19th July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Cliff Richard case: BBC would be ‘crazy’ to appeal against ruling
It’s not about freedom of’s about freedom of the press
Helicopter incident was deliberately used to create these consequences
People can now be ‘disappeared’ by the Police…thanks to the BBC
BBC: ‘Generation sensible’ in five charts…simplistic statistics spun as beneficial
11:12 – Novichok 2.0 the sequel: Police ‘believe’ Russians were involved…
Anonymous source with ‘knowledge of investigation’ is ‘sure’ they are Russians
Local press has virtually disappeared – hoovered up by MainStream Media
14:42 – Brexit: new team has no experience for such an important matter
Philip Rycroft (Cabinet Office): the ‘politically neutral’ man behind the team
Philip Rycroft: breaking up the UK into regions to be subsumed into the EU…
19:31 – The Times: overt message – a new (extreme) right-wing party will appear
Is this a prediction or a subliminal message that this party is being created…?
Times Journalist Francis Elliott conflates Brexit with immigration concerns
The Times message: we cannot debate Peter Sutherland or we are racists…
The hateful, twisted Times political message
27:08 – Ian Crane: Fracking Nightmare tonight at 19:30
Another earthquake in ‘Surrey swarm’ near Newdigate
28:29 – Tommy Robinson demo speaker: ‘I am the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi’
Speaker’s mum: the problem is Islam…
UKIP leader Gerard Batten proud to take the stage after Jewish Nazi…
Batten fails to talk about child abuse riddled political and social establishment
Batten fails to talk about vast array of child abuse whistleblowers now locked up
Batten moving to the extreme right…?
Middle East Forum: a Palestinian defeat is a precondition to resolving conflict
36:33 – Minister of War Gavin Williamson: proud to have ‘defeated’ Daesh (ISIS)
CSSF pays out £11 million to the white helmets…conflict is driving migration…?
CSSF pays out £6.65 million to Pakistan Consolidating Democracy program
HM government interfering with foreign elections…?
Pakistani women being targeted by British soft power and applied psychology