UK Column News - 19th January 2016


Discusses The BALTIC DRY INDEX - Shipping, I.D. And Gun Control, Secret No-Fly List, Banks Taking No Risks (Money From Nothing), The OREGON Standoff - Moves Into The 3rd Week, HAMMONDS Unlawfully Found Guilty For Backfire Burnoff that Saved Public Land, Double Jeopardy Breaches, Federal Government Holding And Selling Of Land, Nullifying Overreach Of The Federal Government, Book Tragedy & Hope by CARROLL QUIGLEY and BIG BROTHER in the Novel 1984 By GEORGE ORWELL aka ERIC BLAIR, Private Shadows - NGOs And Think Tanks.


Discussing Low Shipping, Dutch Fruit And Vegetable Merchants Going Broke Through The Retort Sanctions Placed Upon RUSSIA By The E.U., UK's Unlawful Attempt to Rescind Citizenship, Ice Cream Repeated Licks, Land Being Held By Councils And Municipalities (Behind Closed Doors while the Dutch are open about it), Concepts of A Living Constitution As Opposed To A Fixed In Time Constitution, BIG BROTHER Running Behind Schedule

EXPRESS 19th January 2016: Worse Than 2008: Warning Over Global Economy As CHINA Threatens To Destabilise WORLD

THE GUARDIAN 19th January 2015: CHINA Economy Grows At Slowest Pace In 25 Years, Latest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Figures Show. World’s Second-Largest Economy Posts Figures That Add To Fears Of A Slowdown That Will Affect Financial Markets Across The World

GULF DIGITAL NEWS GDN (Online) 19th January 2016: OMAN Building 25m Barrels Of New Oil Storage

FINANCIAL TIMES (Business & Economy) 15th October 2015: Banks Score Victory On Ring-Fencing Rules

CNBC (US Markets) 15th January 2016: A Recession Worse Than 2008 Is Coming

AMERICAN FREE PRESS 13th January 2016: AFP In OREGON: STANDOFF. BURNS, OREGON—A Protest Taking Place At An Occupied Federal Facility In Southeastern OREGON Has Entered Its Second Week As AMERICAN FREE PRESS Goes To Press. The Standoff Currently Taking Place At The MALHEUR National Wildlife Refuge Just South Of BURNS.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS 16th January 2016: States Being Overruled On National ID; People Concerned "No-Fly" List Will Turn Into "You-Can't-Buy-A-Gun" List.

BELFAST TELEGRAPH 18th January 2016: Policeman ANTHONY CARLIN To Be Prosecuted By Attorney General Over Alleged Threat To Senior Judge

AMERICAN FREE PRESS 18th January 2016: STANDOFF: • Here Are The Facts About Situation With Ranchers In OREGON [Moves Into 3rd Week]. [PDF link]

THE TELEGRAPH 20th November 2012: Britain's Migration Rules Are Tearing Families Apart (Are They After The Children?)

JAPAN TODAY 25th July 2013: New Immigration Laws Hinder Some Married Expats Returning To UK

THE TELEGRAPH 18th January 2016: If Integration Is Going To Work, Everyone Needs To Speak The Same Language

MAIL ONLINE Updated 25th January 2013: REVEALED: The Raven-Haired Poet (And Former Ice Cream Seller) Who Wrote The PM's Big Europe Speech

BBC RADIO 4 (iPlayer) Woman's Hour Power List 2016: CLARE FOGES: Speechwriter To The Prime Minister

PZC 5th January 2016: Necker van Naem onderzoekt Schouws grondbeleid (a frank admission by a Dutch local council that it might be wrong of them to be holding land)

OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT 8th January 2016: Governor ABBOTT Unveils TEXAS Plan, Offers Constitutional Amendments To Restore The Rule Of Law

A RECOMMENDED READ:- THE EUROPEAN UNION COLLECTIVE - Enemy Of Its Member States (widely available online as a PDF)

THE COMMON CAUSE HANDBOOK & PIRC (Public Interest Research Center) No Publish Date Found 2016: A Guide To Values And Frames For Campaigners, Community Organisers, Civil Servants, Fundraisers, Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, Activists, Funders, Politicians, And
Everyone In Between. About PIRC: PIRC is An Independent Charity Conducting And Communicating Research For A More Democratic, Equitable & Sustainable Society. ("Sustainability" Should Now Have You Running For The Hills)
T: 01654 702277 PDF link

BREEZE No Publish Date Found 2016: 2016 Elections For Members Of Youth Parliament In LEEDS