UK Column News - 19th February 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Extradition (Provisional Arrest) Bill: European Arrest Warrant on steroids
No evidence or warrant required to extradite people to other European countries
06:09 – UK Strategic Command succeeds Joint Forces Command next week
UK Strategic Command is taking military control outside of Parliamentary control
This defence policy is coming from EU Defence Union policy…
Fusion and integration of military, police, public sector, social media etc.
This will involve media propaganda like we have never seen before
Accountants Price Waterhouse Coopers now involved in UK military strategy
15:01 – Labour MP stuns Piers Morgan with ‘insane’ comment: babies are born without sex
Dawn Butler MP uses her platform to push this dangerous narrative
Where does this policy agenda come from…?
Former Daily Telegraph foreign correspondent Francis Harris analyses this on Twitter
Harris finds a direct link to the Stonewall organisation – change agents
Who are the people creating controversial policy for our children…?
A closer look at Stonewall’s management team
Stonewall created privately and sets its own agenda: when were the public asked…?
Stonewall funding: meet the payees on the public money merry-go-round
Stonewall’s prime target: young children…
Drag queen: I have no idea why parents want drag queens to influence their children
BBC takes every opportunity to drive the trans agenda using public money
30:04 – Green Anti-Capitalist Front: climate struggle is class struggle
Paddington Green: inside the anti-terror HQ taken over by climate anarchists
Guardian nonsense: suggesting that Extinction Rebellion is a pacifist organisation
Left-wing extremism is rearing its ugly head – does the Guardian support this…?
‘Professor’: to save the planet, people must die out…talk provokes global anger
Eugenics refuses to die – now Andrew Sabisky has put it back in the headlines
Sabisky: forced long-term contraception might tackle the problem…
39:10 – MSC 2020: Facebook’s Zuckerberg wants more regulation of social media
George Soros fires back and demands Zuckerberg is removed