UK Column News - 19th February 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update form the UK Column.

START – Brexit: EU will crumble in Brexit talks…
03:14 – UK accounts for 40% of EU spending on defence and R&D
05:12 – Treason May: ‘Rules-Based International Order’ but only for some…
11:48 – Brexit exit from EU
14:40 – Germany must bear a larger burden for security...NATO to strengthen
16:34 – Russia: Lavrov on Russia-US relations and the Middle East
21:56 – Fake News: ‘Russian bots flood Twitter with pro-gun messages...’
23:05 – Fake News: The Atlantic - ‘America is under attack...’
24:04 – Julian Assange: Internet Research Agency’s ‘troll farm’
26:28 – Re-enforcing audience bias is exactly what Facebook and Google do
28:10 – Reuters: curling dopers…?
29:01 – Not just Russia under attack...China gets hit with ‘spying’ accusation
31:55 – MainStream Media still crashing in their believability…
34:58 – Syria: Guardian journalist takes ‘afternoon tea’ with ISIS…
37:00 – UN staff ‘responsible for 60,000 rapes in a decade’
41:31 – Oxfam: sacked staff accused of sexual assault were given new jobs
42:57 – ITV documentary: shocking scale of sexual abuse at UK boarding schools
44:35 – Essex Police: dispersal order (curfew) in place in Colchester