UK Column News - 19th December 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Gavin Williamson (SoS for war): the Modernising Defence Program
Ministry of Defence: Contribution to the Fusion Doctrine
Department for Work and Pensions – now carrying out offensive cyber attacks…?
Behind the scenes...massive military reorganisation using cloaked language
The whole fabric of government is being changed…military is now a business
Is ramping up war with Russia simply a business decision…?
Giant military industrial companies now being brought in to advise government
Cabinet Office 2016: One Public Estate – to save taxpayers money…
Foreign and Commonwealth Office letter to a viewer – no signatory again
What is the Euro-Atlantic Security Policy joint unit…who is Simon Jones…?
To whom are Simon Jones, Giles Ahern & Joseph Walker-Cousins accountable…?
25:21 – The Guardian: Russia may have nuclear arms in Crimea…
#dailyintegrity – a daily UK Column anti-Russian propaganda update
MainStream Media journalists: an increasing number of redundancies in the ranks
Integrity Intiative document dump: Avisa Partners take up the MSM reigns…?
Journalists no longer independent – journalism now under huge control network
30:22 – Tories reinstate MPs suspended over sex allegations for confidence vote
MP Jess Phillips: Theresa May…lied
32:42 – BBC on Belgian Prime Minister’s resignation: a repeat of UN policy
BBC doesn’t mention huge attack on free speech: denying any criticism of the policy
34:46 – Facebook: sharing private data again with multiple other corporations…
35:32 – Liverpool Echo: should Santa be rebranded as gender neutral…?
Who commissioned the poll: the Liverpool Echo or GraphicSprings…?
Another attack on Christmas…? Who creates news in the 21st century…?
39:56 – Finance: stock sell-off defies everything the bulls hoped would stop it
Zero Hedge: the everything bubble has burst – the next crisis is here