UK Column News - 19th December 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with the last UK Column News of 2017. We will be back on Wednesday 3 January. We would like to wish our viewers a fantastic Christmas and New Year and we hope to see you in 2018.

START - House of Commons inquiry into online hate (of politicians?)…
08:39 – The Guardian: disgraceful ‘propaganda’ article
10:42 – Meet the Guardian journalist responsible: Olivia Solon
13:31 – How the Guardian propaganda piece is crafted
22:00 – Guardian: advertising for AI company who profit from misery
25:12 – Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is leaking…
29:15 – Aircraft: 14th F35 the desert
30:14 – ‘Britain’s record on job creation is second to none...’
32:59 – Steel industry opportunities in Britain…
37:02 – Standing up for real journalism in 2017