UK Column News - 18th September 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: prorogation – did Boris break the law…?
Lord Pannick: prorogation done ‘to silence MPs ahead of Brexit’
Lord Keen: this issue ‘is not for the courts’
Jean-Claude Juncker: Boris and I had friendly, constructive talks on Monday
UK Column article: ‘Hero of Brexit’ Lord James threatened over EU Defence Union
Lord James: the Black Vulture List
UK Column article: Lord James sets out what we will lose under any EU ‘deal’
Guy Verhofstadt (globalist) speaks at the Lib Dem conference
Verhofstadt sounds like the national socialists of old…
UK Column has warned and warned of the EU military empire
EU wants military to enter North Africa – shades of the Roman Empire…
UK Column article: EU Military Unification
Unification (or union) is not the same as an ‘EU army’
Military mobility: all EU militaries to have fast access to Russia’s borders…
PlymouthLive hype: Royal Navy creates an image of a fleet that does not exist…
RN plans new command & control structure: rank and age ‘increasingly irrelevant’
RN pushes HeForShe – a UN global solidarity movement for gender equality
Royal Navy Type 31 frigate order: Brexit…what Brexit…?
The British military is being embedded into the EU system at an accelerated rate…
UK government intervenes in Cobham’s £4 billion hedge fund takeover
30:31 – Ian R. Crane’s 5G tour continues tonight in London & will be live streamed
Daily Echo: BCP Council launches 5G ‘call for evidence’
Public have to prove that 5G is unsafe rather than companies proving it is safe…
33:00 – OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting taking place
OSCE first working session: freedom of expression, free media and information
British government wants all OSCE members to join their Media Freedom Coalition
Chartered Institute of Journalists want more details on the ‘Snoopers Charter’
Public Service News: younger people and stupid people less likely to trust MSM…
Bad news plugin to filter out ‘bad news’ over concern for youngsters mental health
Financial Times removes paywall as panic sets in over global financial system
Nothing done since 2007/2008 to prevent financial calamity – FT part of the problem
41:40 – UKIP: party leader boycotts his own party conference over low ticket sales
Nigel Farage: UKIP’s man who crafted the collapse…