UK Column News - 18th October 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: motorway signs have changed
Brexit without the exit: Boris’ new deal – the old deal reformed…?
Changes to the Northern Irish backstop but security and defence is untouched
Boris: extraction from the EU is done, the building can now begin
Where does Boris’ deal leave us…the break-up of the UK…?
Northern Ireland Assembly is closed for business
Ireland now a political football – backstop now more permanent than before
An engineered situation: democratic process fails to achieve anything worthwhile
UK is under massive attack at the moment and not by accident…
The Good Law Project: meet Jo Maugham
UK Courts still trying to control politics outside of politician’s control
Participatory Democracy: think tanks, NGOs & foundations make political decisions
UK Column viewer sends letter to British Ambassador to Belgium
23:27 – Environmental Carnage: reducing UK emissions – 2019 progress report
Mark Carnage: companies that don’t adapt…will go bankrupt without question
Carnage: the UK is moving to net zero carbon by 2050
Companies that lag behind will be punished…
BIS: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
Banking credit will only be provided to companies who declare their ‘green’ efforts
Any company not following these orders will not get credit…
This is central bank control of all companies and is completely unaccountable
Central bankers are creating international economic fascism for total control
33:40 – Israel: rabbi promises afterlife to rivals if they join haredim in government
Syria: US about-face in Middle East forces Israel to re-evaluate its defence strategy
Israel panicking and nervous about US pull-out
38:26 – GcMAF: Lyn Thyer update
MPs in Parliament making statements while being paid by big pharma…
Rt Hon Gisela Stuart – who does she really work for…?
42:24 – MSM propaganda: Russia accused of sending threatening texts to British troops
Remember the Russian sub in Swedish waters…? Completely fake news…
BBC pumped out fake news and propaganda based on the Russian submarine
Swedish MainStream Media still pushes out the anti-Russian hype
Interesting Engineering: ‘Broken Arrows’ - the world’s lost nuclear weapons
Institute for Statecraft: continuing to pump out the propaganda
Beware: propaganda is going to be ramped up to levels never seen before
Cyber attacks: government will protect us…
Disinformation: government will protect us…