UK Column News - 18th November 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Epstein case: Prince Andrew interviewed on BBC Newsnight 
Nothing appears to stack up with his story…it was a PR disaster
UK Column article: accusations of child pornography at Oxford & Cherwell Valley
Prince Andrew still visited the college soon after the accusations surfaced
Why did Jeffrey Epstein pay off the debts of Prince Andrew’s wife…?
Is there an ongoing investigation into Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein…?
11:42 – Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament: Russia report update
Tory party gets huge donations from certain Russians but not Putin-connected Russians
Russiagate has collapsed in the US but is still being pushed in the UK – why now…?
Propaganda: Carole Cadwalladr quotes a Bill Browder lie about KGB agents
Designed to damage Boris: Cadwalladr continues with the Skripal fantasy…
The FCO ( a remain organisation) funds Integrity Initiative to promote Russian hysteria
22:00 – Hong Kong: protestors make last stand as police close in on university
This is a staged event – designed to play out exactly as we are seeing it
Leader of movement Joshua Wong seen in photos with US leaders Pelosi and Rubio
This organisation is being backed by US neocons and the deep state
Terrorist Joshua Wong: ‘champion of democracy’
28:34 – Iranian protests: a similar picture to the Hong Kong protests
Russian Foreign Minister on Iran: foreign forces are also working actively…
Iranian protests are a long way from the critical mass needed for an uprising
35:53 – US Defence Secretary: EU must allow US and other non-EU allies to compete
Mogherini: EDF and PESCO are designed to be intracontinental affairs (EU only)
EU defence has nothing to do with defending Europe – there is no threat to Europe
Is US President Donald Trump lining up more EU sanctions related to defence…?