UK Column News - 18th March 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus: statistics to date
Boris: first daily briefing yesterday
CoronaVirus Bill is going through parliament
A look at the French response to CoronaVirus
Dutch to adopt controversial ‘herd immunity’ strategy…?
Extreme measures undertaken in the Netherlands for an ‘ordinary’ virus
Dutch hospital experiment: will TB vaccine help healthcare workers fight CV…?
A look at the Norwegian, Danish and German responses to CoronaVirus
48 hours ago Germans told: no curtailing of liberties…now liberties are curtailed
Who is really deciding what measures are being put in place across the world…?
A look at the Austrian and Italian response to CoronaVirus
CV in the USA: 77-day extension of surveillance bill…the nation looks the other way
Many of these ‘emergency’ bills are put in place and never revoked…
27:55 – A close look at the CoronaVirus statistics and how they are (mis) used
Some medical doctors express concern over the wave of fear induced in the masses
Medical experts warned of skewing of statistics by not updating China data
Can we trust the experts sold to us by the MainStream Media…?
Why is there so much hype for such low death rates…?
US military suggests that flu jab is not safe…?
The elderly are much more susceptible to CV – because they have the most flu jabs…?
Imperial College London: Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium
40:43 – UK Column meeting tonight cancelled…
MI5: Hostile State Activity Assessment
Priti Patel: serious threat from states who seek to undermine & destabilise this country
Peter Hofschröer case: an update
47:34 – UK Campaign for Monetary Reform letter from 1993
A look at the Bradbury Pound

Mike pressed the wrong button at the end of the programme ... Here is the video he mentioned: