UK Column News - 18th March 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Utrecht, Netherlands shooting: ‘one dead’ as man opens fire in tram
Attack follows the recent shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand
Theresa May’s hypocrisy…?
New Zealand Prime Minister talks of new gun control laws
Calls for more censorship on social media…
6:12 – Brexit: David Davis announces his backing for Theresa May’s deal
Brexit without the exit – ‘the best of both worlds’ ©
9:24 – UK-run military exercise Joint Warrior starts on March 30th
Russian intervention in the Kerch Straits shown as necessary
Jeremy Hunt: Russia’s ‘attack’ was absolutely unacceptable
NATO: Russia’s ‘annexing’ of Crimea - ‘we strongly condemn this act’
Russian ambassador to NATO: asks for reciprocity to get negotiations moving
Attributing blame without evidence is the name of the game…
OPCW under fire from Russian deputy trade minister Kalamanov
Circular logic being used to point fingers without any proof
Peter Hitchens: OPCW using ‘open source’ material (as evidence) is absurd
Rapid Response Mechanism and Fusion Doctrine in full view…
20:29 – International Criminal Court: founded in 1988 ‘on behalf of humanity’
US, China and Russia did not sign on
European Parliament urges EU to adopt legislation like the Magnitsky Act
‘Human Rights violations’ - ICC gets to decide what they are…
ICC new cases: Myanmar (Burma); Bashar al Assad and the USA
ICC now has autonomy to go around veto powers…?
Russia and China (using their veto) have scuppered western intervention policies
ICC a neo-colonial institution…? Only Africans have been convicted…
28:39 – USA: Steele admits using unverified info to support details in Trump dossier
Info was quietly pushed into CNN and then ‘verified’ afterwards…
Christopher Steele’s dossier is a fraudulent document
Court files reveal role of McCain & associate in spreading anti-Trump dossier
34:05 – 21 Wire article: Syrian government did not use chemical weapons in Ghouta
Belgian reporter & editor-in-chief: western press is not as free as it claims
He had dozens of interviews scheduled before speaking out – all were cancelled…
37:43 – National Archives releasing more documents: the Cold War propaganda files
Taxpayers money given to propagandists then was without Parliamentary scrutiny
Is this propaganda still happening today without Parliamentary scrutiny…?
40:20 – Organ donation: deemed consent receives royal assent
UK Column article: No TIME to Die by Dr Mike Williams