UK Column News - 18th January 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

Artwork by Ned.

START – the Macron-Merkel love affair continues…
The Treaty of Aachen: hardly mentioned by the MainStream Media
UK Column article: Will the new Treaty of Aachen make the EU dream come true…?
Aachen is associated with much symbolism: 31 Holy Roman Emperors crowned there
Treaty to be signed January 22 – why the haste…? European borders being removed…?
UK to be ‘automatically’ dragged into this treaty…?
08:12 – UK Column article: Military Union – British Government Policy since 1948
UK policy has been politically engineered since at least 1948
14:39 – Leave Means Leave rally: Nigel Farage speaks on self-governance
Farage barely mentions EU ‘Defence Union’ or military unification
EU ‘Defence Union’: the harsh reality…
UK Column has been warning about EU military unification for some years
21:12 – Propaganda: DSTL working with NATO public diplomacy division
Public opinion manipulated to give positive impression of NATO via social media
Destabilisation used to change large organisations – first the NHS, now the military
Full Fact ‘charity’ has been given the contract to ‘fact check’ Facebook…
A Full Fact ‘strike’ also to be passed to anyone sharing or re-linking content
Control and censorship moved from Facebook to third party – Facebook avoids blame
30:39 – BBC: Local ‘Democracy’ Reporters embedded within local media across UK
BBC Local Democracy Reporter doing a fine job in North Wales…
32:29 – USA: President Trump cancels speaker Pelosi’s trip
34:47 – Scotland’s Named Person Scheme update: totalitarianism wants the children
Named Person Scheme suffers new blow as panel reveals ‘challenges’
42:38 – Prince Philip (97) involved in car crash: others involved not mentioned…?
We are all equal in a Common Law jurisdiction – fear must be eliminated