UK Column News - 18th February 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Munich Security Conference: ‘Rules-based order’ under threat…?
Iranian Foreign Minister: Israel and US behaviour puts International Law on the shelf
Israel’s Netanyahu: Iranian aggression the main factor undermining Middle East…
08:24 – Israeli connection: what is the Visegrad Group…?
Poland issues ultimatum after ‘racist’ Israeli remarks
Clear political agenda to put salt in the wounds of WW2 – Israel is playing both sides
Antisemitism in Europe: a ‘trend’…?
Tommy Robinson is on the ‘far right’ but is heavily supported by pro-Zionist groups…
Seven MPs leave the Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership
George Galloway: the seven dwarfs are merely the first to jump…
Corbyn needs to remove the Blairite faction within the Labour party
23:47 – House of Commons: Disinformation and Fake News final report   
Social Media obliged to take down known sources of harmful content…
Who decides what is real and what is disinformation…?
The ‘code’ will be arbitrary and possibly politically motivated under threat of fines
This is trying to take down the last bastions of free speech and the free press
Damian Collins: our enquiry…has identified three big threats to our society
Government push for regulation of the press, the internet, social media & free speech
Facebook blocks pages with tens of millions of views after CNN reports ties to RT
No factual content has been disproven – this is pure censorship and will spread
The main purveyor of fake news since the Gutenberg Press are the western MSM
39:30 – Action Man (with gripping hands) – Gavin Williamson gives it a go…
Williamson speaks at the Munich Security Conference
What is the UK-Germany Joint Vision Statement (JVS)…?
UK-Germany-France now creating the core of ‘European’ defence   
UK Column article – Military Union: British Government Policy since 1948
Gavin Williamson totally beholden to European military unification –
‘We encourage Russia to start acting within the rules-based international order…’
‘We will continue to deliver European security…’