UK Column News - 18th December 2019

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Chances of heavy snowfall have increased thanks to climate change…
MainStream Media: still no mention of the effects of the sun on climate change
Institute of Physics: low solar activity blamed for winter chill over Europe
Spaceweather dot com: 271 days without sunspots so far in 2019
Climate ‘crisis’ narrative is a complete misrepresentation of what is really going on
07:52 – BBC Radio 4: the misinformation virus and pseudoscience online
The misinformation virus seems to be the BBC guest scientist…
BoE hosting biennial exploratory scenario in 2021: financial risks of climate change
Climate change is not about the climate – it is about further taxation
Dutch farmers protest the green economy – A1 Berlin to Amsterdam blocked
13:03 – Extinction Rebellion update: an extremist, criminal organisation…?
Who is really running and funding Extinction Rebellion…?
Extinction Rebellion is now operating across Europe and the wider world
UK Column contacts DfE’s counter extremism helpline for clarification
Extinction Rebellion using school facilities to recruit young people to break the law
UK Column gets fobbed off twice: extremism protection of the public is on hold
Extinction Rebellion video: training for the young, retraining for the old…
Classic cultural marxism: pitch the young against the older generations
ER seems to be British State approved to drive climate agenda and future taxation
The future: participatory democracy but it’s not what you think…
29:54 – Alternative View 10.1 DVDs available from UK Column website shop
30:23 – White helmets founder James Le Mesurier died from a fall in Turkey
Was he driven to suicide…?
32:36 – Reporters Without Borders: 2019 – lowest deaths of journalists for 16 years
Boris’ Foreign Office trying to promote journalist safety
34:18 – UK Parliament new Speaker of the House: Sir Lindsay Hoyle
Contrast the full House compared to discussions of child abuse with 5 or 6 MPs…
Nicky Morgan: new Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
36:32 – Sir Peter Bottomley: ‘Father Christmas’ of the House – Ho Ho Ho
Taking a look at his views on what MPs priorities should be
Abuse of Power document: plaque at the Working Men’s Museum in Manchester