UK Column News - 17th September 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column news update.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Peter Hitchens: We’re on the brink of war and nobody has noticed
Russian Defense Ministry: new details in MH17 air crash case
Ukrainian President signs order to dissolve Treaty of Friendship with Russia
Russian Foreign Ministry: fighters & white helmets continue chemical weapons prep
Cameron on Syria: no British boots on the ground – a lie
07:36 – Treason May’s rapid response mechanism: failing already…?
Netherlands stops support for Syrian ‘opposition’
Multiple UK Column FOI requests on white helmets still being ignored by FCO
Brooks Newmark rails against Assad’s ‘chemical weapon’ attacks – still no evidence
11:55 – Russian specialists studying documents on US laboratory in Georgia
21 Wire article: WMD America – inside the Pentagon’s global bioweapons industry
14:10 – Novichok II continues…or a psychological operation on the public…?
Project Minerva: UK tests ‘life-saving’ chemical detecting robots and drones…
£48 million of taxpayers money spent on baby wipes…?
18:54 – Latest: politicians think…? 185 MPs reframed in high risk sessions
Where is the MPs stress coming from...being forced to do unconscionable things…?
Express article full of un-named source quotes…
Mindfulness: now to be used as Applied Behavioural Psychology on politicians
The dangers of Mindfulness go unreported…’unusual or unexpected experiences’
Daily Mail fails to research and report on Mindfulness & the dangers
BP, bankers, ex-MI5 - who is the Wellcome Trust…?
UK Column continues to warn of NLP and Mindfulness
27:48 – BBC latest: illusions challenge notions of self…maggots for eyelashes…?
Horror films and scary comic books pushed out to young people
BBC news: Gary, the plastic boy; Nevada’s brothels; it’s OK to have bad manners
BBC fake news and mind manipulation: who is journalist Dr Kirsty Sedgman…?
How much did the BBC pay this woman to advertise her book…?
33:52 – Another financial collapse inevitable…?
37:10 – Policing: who is really controlling Policing policy…?
College of Policing business plan...Civil Service or is it a business…?
College of Policing: very big on Europol integration – Brexit without the exit
Questions about the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command
Rand Corporation helping to develop UK policing
Rand Corporation: an independent US State agent…

(Minerva: Roman Goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare...)