UK Column News - 17th October 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Google: Melanie Shaw finally shows up in searches – arson of cell…
Melanie not present in court, her defence offered no evidence in the case
What is a ‘Trial of the Facts’…? One law for some, another law for Melanie Shaw
Was jury provided with any background info – abuse survivor, solitary confinement…?
The British state abuse of Melanie Shaw…her child abuse evidence remains unheard
A small group of British MPs are speaking out about the Melanie Shaw case
IICSA: Westminster abuse enquiry to be shut down due to too much information…?
Sickening: the British Conservative government child abuse cover–up…?
18:19 – Tommy Robinson: is he waking up or just attempting to broaden his appeal…?
MOD: States will increasingly need to work in partnership with a range of actors
‘Public and private sector staff rubbing shoulders in Canary Wharf…’
Civil Service has been politicised and reframed by Common Purpose
Defence is too important to simply be run by a democratic government…
A war with Russia is inevitable…?
28:15 – Alternative View conference 9.1 – Sunday 2 December, London
28:55 – Syria: Jeremy Hunt believes new sanctions are vital because, chemical attacks
BBC Panorama fails to name sources for claim of 106 Syrian chemical attacks
OPCW not able to visit two chemical sites – they were in ‘rebel-held’ areas…
BBC being held to account by the Global Network For Syria
33:43 – Brexit: Treason May heads to Brussels this afternoon
DUP hold the cards over the Prime Minister…? Chaos is the plan…
Brexit is pure theatre – EU military unification will tie in the UK permanently
Leave Means Leave campaign: A giant deception plan…?
Leave Means Leave rally in Torquay: no mention of EU military unification
Leave Means Leave: Nigel Farage lining up to abandon voters again…?
41:07 – The Guardian: Don’t let tech giants bury public service TV