UK Column News - 17th May 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Boris to become Prime Minister…?
Treason May and Jeremy Corbyn: negotiations fail
The Telegraph’s Madeline Grant: why I’m backing Liz (Truss) for leader…
5:18 – The spotlight is on UK Special Forces, whether government likes it or not
UK Special Forces being used in Yemen – no mention in MainStream Media
A blanket D-Notice is in place on UK military matters – who is controlling this…?
UK Special Forces missions that are mentioned are a complete cover-up
Captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth removed from his position – an F-35 denier…?
13:32 – International medal parade on EU day under EU flags…
How many British troops received EUFOR medals…?
The eight pillars of European Defence Union – all eight are essential to this union
Are UK troops already under EU control…are military forces being commercialised…?
20:44 – Spanish pull out of US Battle Group but UK MainStream Media is silent
Where is the US evidence for ‘escalatory indications and warnings’ regarding Iran…?
23:09 – Censorship and persecution: Chelsea Manning back in prison
Free Speech Complete Shutdown – the Online Harms White Paper
Jeremy Wright: proud of the work we have done in the UK…
Wright: reaffirm our commitment to defending founding principles of the Internet
What are the ‘founding principles of the Internet’ - do they even exist…?
A reminder of Treason May’s Rapid Response Mechanism
28:49 – BBC to dramatise Salisbury Novichok ‘poisoning’
31:03 – Celtic Boys Club founder jailed for six years for abusing boys – update
Local press and the public did all the heavy lifting in this case…
Official inquiry is being carried out by a former associate of the guilty party
Celtic Boys Club knew of this abuse on both historical occasions
Media coverage at the time stated that the allegations were ‘scurrilous’
Social Media pressure is mounting – the public are having a great effect
Private Eye muddies child abuse investigations…
Private Eye smears John Wedger’s testimony on child-abuse as satanic ‘theory’
Who is journalist Rosie Waterhouse – why is she not investigating massive abuse…?
Waterhouse also attacked Robert Green and Mike Veal…
47:05 – SNP: Nicola Sturgeon says she ‘absolutely’ suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’
48:36 – Melanie Shaw is well and is in Rampton hospital – now 24 months of solitary