UK Column News - 17th July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit customs bill scrapes through by three votes
Former Defence Minister Guto Bebb resigns
BBC: MPs to vote on early summer recess
Treason May creates planned chaos
EU still has not produced audited accounts for more than 20 years…
03:30 – Presidents Trump and Putin: press conference
Fruitful negotiations…Cold War is a thing of the past
MainStream Media hysteria continues – Trump a ‘Russian agent’…
Most intervention in US comes from Pablo Miller & Christopher Steele
Utter hypocrisy from western media: they are showing their devious hand
Putin on Novichok: nobody gives us any evidence…
Dawn Sturgess’ body held by British state – refusal to release her for funeral
13:02 – India finalises S-400 deal with Russia: ‘US law doesn’t apply here’
14:59 – Royal Navy: Elite £1 billion destroyer breaks down again…
Engines to be replaced: no’s just another £1 billion
17:30 – Thousands of protestors gather against nation-state bill in Tel Aviv
BBC: mystery of the missing Israel nation-state news…
Working towards peace worldwide…BBC not interested
23:56 – Human rights & democracy document: Russia mentioned forty times
Russia has been removing NGOs who work as foreign agents for subversion
28:39 – Tommy Robinson protest: 12 arrests amid clashes
MSM: no mention of protest organisers – the Middle East Forum
MEF maintains that a Palestinian defeat is a precondition to resolve conflict…
27 October 2013: BBC employs Tommy Robinson to film documentary at LSE
Who is Coelus Media…? Website has virtually no information…
BBC fails to answer questions about working with Robinson and Coelus Media
Company Check on Coelus Media: company dissolved…
39:01 – The Law Society event: algorithms in the justice system
Who makes these policies…? Are juries to be outlawed…?
43:04 – Former Archbishop of Canterbury allowed to preach again