UK Column News - 17th January 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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START – US ‘impeachment’ trial starts – special pens provided for the ritual…
Russiagate died so now US Democrats try Ukrainegate to impeach President Trump
Area1 Security: Russians hacked Ukrainian gas company at centre of impeachment
This is all an extension of the deep state meddling that’s being going on for four years
06:38 – JCPoA nuclear deal: Boris suggests a new deal is a better plan
E3 (France, Germany & UK) invokes the DRM, effectively killing the JCPoA
US doesn’t respond to two Iranian strikes for the first time in history
18:47 – Britain secretly funded Reuters in the 1960s and 1970s
Funding concealment: Foreign Office paid the BBC and BBC passed it on to Reuters
Foreign and Commonwealth Office funding concealment is still happening 
British government was interfering in the Italian elections back in 1948
Government hypocrisy: it’s all Russian interference…
Recent case: Integrity Initiative interferes in UK election 2019 with respect to Corbyn
In This Together blog: EXPOSE Network and the Open Information Partnership
25:20 – Silicon Valley Information Warfare: social media under intensive threat
Facebook removes posts ‘supportive’ of Soleimani
Twitter suspends official Venezuelan accounts
Twitter suspends account of Syrian Presidency, Russian embassy in Damascus
Wikipedia attacking OPCW & Douma ‘chemical attack’ dissenting voices
Conclusion: Twitter, Facebook, Google et al are extensions of the Pentagon and CIA
US Federal government is controlling free speech worldwide with no legal basis
Mussolini: fascism should be called corporatism – a merger of state & corporate power
The public are not swallowing the information from MainStream Media any longer
Jeremy Darroch (Sky): wants ‘independent’ regulator to stop misinformation…
MainStream Media trying to claw back control from free, independent media outlets
Lord McNally wants OFCOM to become an interim internet regulator (censor)
The Douma ‘chemical’ lie was backed & reinforced by MainStream Media complicity
37:50 – Defence: German Minister of Defence meets UK counterpart Ben Wallace
UK Column article: the policies of the new German Minister of Defence
German Minister of Defence wants military conscription reintroduced…
Frederick Forsyth: is a secret EU Army marching up on us…?