UK Column News - 17th December 2018

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Mark Anderson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit: plan F – a managed No Deal…?
Britain has a new Swiss trade deal – UK gold exports to Switzerland surge…
Financial deregulation on the horizon…?
HBO’s Brexit series trying to produce a narrative – Cumberpatch is a remainer
This is calculated, targeted, political marketing propaganda
The propaganda machine begins: who is Christopher Wylie…?
Brexit and US Presidential election both fixed by…the Russians
UCL Constitution Unit: various trigger points for a second referendum
Brexit: online campaigning to be controlled…?
Social media companies overwhelmingly supports one political system ideal
The ‘one world’ viewpoint is the only acceptable system…?
20:54 – Yemen: US wishes to end support for the war in Yemen
21 Wire article: US Senate votes on Yemen as brutal proxy war rages on
UK government no mere bystander in Yemen war, it’s an active player
Israel also under scrutiny for annual foreign aid payments from the US
Documentary recommendation: The Lobby – USA on
31:48 – Ukraine: Poroshenko announces split from Orthodox Church
Ukrainian elections due next year…
Third NATO visit by senior Ukrainian politician inside a week
Integrity Initiative was set up to frame Russia – Ukraine to be used as excuse
Moon of Alabama and Sputnik are also covering this subject closely
The Times: blatant disinformation on show – Russia again…?
No evidence provided to back up claims (again) – just blame Putin
44:40 – The Economist (a Bilderberg attendee): The World in 2019
How to control social media globally…actual democracy is not important
Is full control of social media actually possible…?
Social media now has a global audience so outside influence is inevitable
Misdirection: get people to look one way while something else is happening
Social media competition is on the rise…