UK Column News - 17th April 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – CIA’s Gina Haspel relies on spy skills to connect with President Trump
Deborah Haynes has to backtrack on Twitter after Skripal details were corrected
Are British sources seeding the USA with false intelligence to manipulate US politics…?
Herein lies the problem with ‘unconfirmed’ or ‘secret’ media sources…
8:51 – France: Notre Dame fire update - Craig Murray comments
Many Christian churches have been destroyed in Libya
Fire also breaks out in Al–Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem at same time as Notre Dame
Russian-aligned Christian church burns down in Ukraine
Are religious groups being deliberately driven against each other…?
21:10 – Julian Assange now held at Belmarsh prison – a protest takes place outside
Chris Williamson MP, Lee Stranahan & George Galloway speak to the crowd
Julian Assange wins EU journalism award
Ecuador says it faced 40 million cyberattacks after giving up Assange
A concerted defamation campaign against Assange is now underway…
Fake News: Nation and State – Wikileaks file dump from 2014 released as ‘new’
31:07 – NATO exercise Locked Shields 2019 takes place in Estonia
Vast sums of taxpayer money spent on exercise to defeat a debunked scenario
NATO exercise Sea Shield also takes place in the Black Sea…
33:15 – Andrew Rosindell MP asks what the UK is doing to safeguard Ukraine
Many more exercises planned – the incitement of Russia…?
35:26 – Yemen: the forgotten war – people still starving
Despite human rights abuses in Yemen, Saudi soldiers receive UK military training
Yemen – a major cash cow for the west…
39:34 – Haaretz: US holocaust museum gives award to Syrian white helmets…
Western countries view it as humanitarian organisation but Russia sees it as a threat
42:24 – London protests: climate change activists plan to disrupt Underground
Why would climate change activists campaign against public transport…?
Environment Agency CEO’s language echoes climate activists – is there a link…?
Huge amounts of money to be made via control of climate activism…