UK Column News - 16th September 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Saudi Arabian oil attack: was it Iran or Yemen or…?
Saudi’s Aramco oil company was about to float an IPO on the stock market…
The narrative has been building since 2018: Iran arming Houthis with drones
MSM uses pictures of huge US Reapers to imprint the idea that terrorists use the same
New York Times: Boko Haram is back with better drones
Drones being used more frequently – who is supplying them…?
Arms Watch – the Serbia files: passports reveal who supplies terrorists in Yemen
21 Wire interview: Dilyana Gaytandzhieva reveals US arms trafficking to ISIS
17:58 – Ian R. Crane 5G tour continues: Canterbury, Kent tomorrow
18:36 – Brexit: Boris in Luxembourg to meet Jean-Claude Juncker
Liberal ‘Democrats’ want to prevent democracy…
EU’s Guy Verhofstadt: EU needs modernising and reform
EU reform: Cameron’s Best of Both Worlds document reintroduced…?
Verhofstdat: world order of tomorrow will be based on empires
Verhofstdat: the only way Britain can sustain its future is to work together in the EU
Britain will become a colony of the EU empire – an imperial Europe
EU’s Von Der Leyen shows her love for George Soros…
27:23 – Israeli elections: Netanyahu visits the USA
21 Wire article: Israel directing policy through the US treasury
Israel trying regime change again via their political power within the US
Israel to sign new defence pact with the USA…? A similar situation to WWI…
Israel playing games with Iran but no criticism is allowed in Britain
British political machinations are moving people into protective positions for Israel
Labour party anti-semitism: a contrived crisis
Antisemitism Policy Trust: another £100K provided to stem the spread online
Robert Jenrick: I am committed to tackling anti-semitism at its root...what root…?