UK Column News - 16th September 2015

BBC waste of money, September 15-18 2015 Arms Dealers on Docklands Light Railway, Fire Ambulance service merged paramilitary UK police, Metropolitan Police train in Israel but why is secret, Francis Maude MP secret deal with Israel, GCHQ teams up with Israeli Defence Force spy Unit 8200 - did we vote for this?, UK hosts first digital leaders summit for high performing governments yes really, 2011 and UKColumn asks British Prime Minister Cameron who is your master Britain or Israel?, Beechwood abuse victim Melanie Shaw evicted by Nottingham City Homes as criminal, Doom watch 9pm tonight, Bank International Settlements in a spin as people wake up, FTSE ups and downs now down, Bank of England admits notes in circulation have risen, Gold backing myth crumbles as every ounce of metal has a paper demand of 252 ounces, Unemployment fiddled to even out population increase, UKColumn simply states LibLabCon Domestic Terrorists need to be removed